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Pay-per-show Basis

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What does pay-per-show mean?

You only pay for each qualified call booked on your calendar that shows up. For example, if we book you 10 calls and 8 show up, you only pay for 8.

Will I be locked in a contract?

We work on a month-to-month basis which you can cancel anytime.

How much do you charge per call?

Our aim is to give you a 10x Return on Investment. Check out the ROI Calculator to estimate what we would charge per call.
ROI Calculator

Why do you charge a one-time setup fee?

1. The high cost of lead scraping software, lead intelligence software, AI software, email and email sending software, comms software, scheduling software, etc. As well as the cost of researching your business, niche, customers, target market and creation/testing of sales assets.
2. Collaborative partnerships function best when both sides have skin in the game.
***After receiving the setup fee/investment, you immediately receive our Email Best Practices PDF AND video explanations for how to set up domains, emails, warmup, avoid spam, and write effective email copy.

What if you don't have experience in my industry?

If we weren't confident in getting results, we wouldn't work on a performance basis. Plus, our guarantee is if you're not seeing results after 30 days we'll refund the one-time setup fee.

What if the lead isn't qualified?

We only reach out to a list of leads pre-approved by you.

How do you hand the leads off?

We book them directly onto your calendar, so you just have to show up and close.

Does our team have to do anything?

No, we take care of offer positioning, personalized script building, campaign setup, and managing replies.

Why shouldn't I hire in-house?

Our performance-based model removes the cost of training, unnecessary overhead, and poor results. A bad in-house hire can set your company back months.

What can I expect in your sales process?

Transparency and communication.
1. 30 minute Discovery Call where we see if we can help you and if we'd be a good fit. If yes, we move forward to our Sales Call.
2. 30 minute Sales Call where we go over any questions you may have and we finalize expectations/terms. This is a decision-making call.
3. Once we have received the setup investment we begin onboarding.

Where can I see a price and ROI estimate?

Watch the video above to see a full breakdown. You can also visit the Pricing and ROI Calculator pages.

ROI Calculator

How long is the onboarding process?

14 days total. This is mainly because 14 days is the minimum amount of time it takes to "warm" email domains before mass outreach.

What can I expect during onboarding?

1.Onboarding Call: sharing as much information as possible regarding your business, niche, current customers, sales assets, potential ground rules for future campaigns, ideal clients, etc.
2. Over the course of onboarding you receive video updates/explanations on offer positioning, script building, campaign planning.
3. Pre-launch Call: at the end of onboarding we check in a final time to make sure our campaigns are approved for launch.

What outreach channels do you use?

We use email primarily. Depending on your industry, we can also use LinkedIn DMs, social media DMs, and SMS.